Radical Team

Prague Radical Team offers a unique opportunity to participate in the ARC Endurance series.

BMW E92 335d, BMW E92 325i and others are available.

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Drivers Club 

The Drivers Club (before Driving Academy) was founded by former World Rally Championship driver Martin Semerád and through sports driving courses, trackdays, or trips to the Nordschleife, it has grown in 2018 into the Racing Division, where it currently offers 6 racing specials available for anyone who wants to experience the feeling of real racing and move up a level in their petrolhead life. There is also a professional simulator for clients to prepare before races and professional instructors who are happy to give advice during races. You can currently compete with Driving Academy Racing in the Le Series with BMW M3 E46 and BMW 130i Cup cars.

Rent  a seat behind the wheel

Janík Motorsport

Janík Motorsport is a professional team with more than 25 years of tradition in motorsport. The team offers the rental of a KTM X-BOW R which embodies the KTM philosophy "Ready to Race" down to the last detail. He deliberately renounces everything that is not directly related to the pure driving experience. No roof. No windshield. No doors. No electronic riding crutches. Without unnecessary ballast, it delivers a real feeling of driving in a race car.

Rent a seat behind the wheel

YAWSPEED Autosport

Yawspeed Autosport roots back to the seventies and eighties of the last century  when its founder was active in Kart and Formula Ford racing. Since 2015 the team participated successfully in several championships in Central Europe. In 2022, the team achieved the 3rd overall position in division 3, competing in the ARC Endurance Series.

Regular team driver Wolfgang Kriegl is quite experienced, with several successful endurance races and a few wins to his name. He has also founded the Rennwolf Racing Academy, which specialises in the training and certification of racing instructors.

New drivers are very welcome at Yawspeed Autosport and will benefit from the experience of a professional race engineer as well as a dedicated team of mechanics.

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